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Alabama Biodiversity in our Hands

EEAA Annual Conference Alabama’s Biodiversity: It’s in our Hands!

The theme selected for the 2015 EEAA Annual Conference, Alabama's Biodiversity: It's in Our Hands, could not be more stimulating and relevant. The presentations and field trips at the conference highlight our state’s amazing biodiversity.
Scot Duncan, author of Southern Wonder, will be the key note speaker. In addition, pre-conference, day-long workshops provide an overflowing cornucopia of resources for teachers, thanks to Shirley Farrell, Gifted Specialist, Alabama Department of Education.
I was honored to be invited to make a presentation to a diverse and dynamic group of environmental educators from across the state. 

Project Based Learning Conference
My presentation, Environmental Project Based Learning (PBL), demonstrates how teachers can inspire students to launch a real world project that will make a difference in their schools and communities. For example in my Eco mystery series,
The Adventures of The Sizzling Six, six determined teens investigate how they can help save a species that includes, the monarch butterfly, a hundred-year-old white oak, and how to conserve the rare Cahaba lily. Through PBL students investigate real problems and then find ways to take action to solve that problem. Environmental education is a perfect match for PBL. 
Outdoor Environmental Education.
Using the project-based method students follow the same procedures that scientists follow—hypothesis, research, experimentation, drawing conclusions, and applying what they have learned to solve problems.  
During my presentation, I outlined the steps for guiding the students through a project from start to completion.
  1. 1) Plan a Launch Party to drum up enthusiasm for the project and to stimulate students’ curiosity. How to Become an Eco Detective—an Interdisciplinary Unit for writing Across the Curriculum—gets kids excited, curious and asking questions about endangered species.
2) Students Select a Species that they would like to investigate. 
3) Students Research the Species, using a wide range of tools from the internet to field trips, from interviews to using apps. 
4. Students Draw Conclusions, and then Take Action. 
Students Write and Publish an Eco Mystery to share with the school, the community, and the world. For more information on using iAuthor to create books for the iBooks Store, or to send a book to the Kindle Book Store contact me:

EEAA Conference 2015
As they move through these steps students will be applying the skills listed in the core curriculum. They will improve their creative and technical writing skills. They can also become
citizen scientists and help collect data for scientists. For more ideas and inspiration visit these blogs:
Environmental Project Based Learning

* Teacher Handout
HOW TO BECOME AN ECO DETECTIVE: An Interdisciplinary Unit for writing Across the Curriculum
Citizen Scientists

EEAA: The Environmental Education Association of Alabama (EEAA) is a non-profit group of educators and professionals teaching about the environment. EEAA is an affiliate of the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE). Throughout the year, EEAA conducts workshops, hosts an annual conference, and offers members’ trips to various natural sites. EEAA also sponsors an annual awards program, maintains free teaching trunks and offers financial grants to its membership.

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