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Earth Day Migratory Bird Day

Helping Birds Along the Way

On a perfect spring day, citizens celebrated the first
International Migratory Bird Day at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens’ Earth Day festival. At the Media Mint Publishing Booth, visitors learned that birds fly thousands of miles from their wintering areas in South America and the Caribbean to their summer nesting sites in the United States and Canada. A Piping plover, for example, can travel over a 1,000 miles from the Caribbean to the breeding areas in northern United States and Canada.

Media Mint Publishing Earth Day

Kids of all ages thoroughly enjoyed creating masks of their favorite birds and tossing a ball to answer questions about birds.
Bird masks

Tosssing the Bird Puzzle

Visitors discovered that birds need safe places to rest and refuel on their long journey. Unfortunately, along the way birds face many threats, such as free-roaming cats, window glass, and electrical pylons. At the booth, we highlighted the importance of safe habitats and encouraged everyone to get involved in protecting and creating these

Masks of Favorite Migrating Birds
Visitors learned how to create safe stopovers in their own backyards and neighborhoods by providing the food, water, and shelter birds need.

A Snowy Oil and Scarlet tananger

Thanks to Dawn Coleman Lee, Education Activities Specialist, and Henry Hughes, VP of Education at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens for organizing Earth Day. Much appreciation to Susan Bonfield, Executive Director, and Laura Koloski, Program Coordinator for
Environment for the Americas, for providing excellent ideas and resources.
In the next eco mystery, The Case of the Missing Piping Plovers, The Sizzling Six plunge into to another exciting adventure, which takes place on a remote island in the Bahamas. Visit to read all about this book and other eco mysteries in the series.

Piping Plover Book Cover