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Monarch Mysteries

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YA Eco Mysteries, Memoirs, Novels & Travel

Eco Mystery Nature Adventure

Calling All Explorers and Nature Lovers.

Would you like go on an amazing Eco Adventure to three Magical Kingdoms? You don’t need to buy a ticket or pack a suitcase. You don’t need a map to find your way to distant lands. All you need to bring along is your CURIOSITY. Use you curiosity to unlock the door to the Kingdom Animalia, the Kingdom of Plantae, and the Kingdom of Fungi, ruled by Mother Nature, the queen of all living things.
So, go ahead, turn the key in the lock! Go outside, and open you eyes and ears, and start searching. Here’s what to search for:

  1. 1) In the Kingdom of Fungi look for mushrooms and lichens of every size, color, and shape. Here are some examples of what I found in the woods.

Russula mushroom_Claire Datnow
White gills, red and white color combination indicates a mushroom in the Russula genus. (Kingdom Fungi)

Turkey Tail Fungus_Claire Datnow
Turkey tail bracket fungi growing on dead, deciduous log. Notice the bands of color.

  1. In the Kingdom of Animalia search for anything from the tiniest bee or worm, to birds and squirrels, fish and frogs.


Millipedes differ from centipedes in that their legs are paired in each body segment (Kingdom Animala)

Purple Finch_Boris Datnow
Male Purple Finch, Carpodacus purpures

  1. In Kingdom of Plantae keep you eyes open for mosses, ferns, and seed-producing and flowering plants and trees.

Yellow wood sorrel DSC_0007
Yellow Wood Sorrel Oxalis stricta F. Oxalidaceae Oxalis stricta's clover-shaped leaves and delicate yellow flowers. (Kingdom Plantae)


When you have found 3 or more living things, 1 in each kingdom YOU ARE ELIGIBLE TO WIN a personalized, singed copy of an Eco mystery, or any one of my books of your choosing. You can find a complete list on, Amazon, and The Adventures of The Sizzling Six: Monarch Mysteries from To claim your prize email you photos, sketches, or descriptions to me at

Spring is a perfect time to go on a eco mystery hun hunt.
This is a bleak moment in the history of the world, fighting an unseen but ever-present enemy, the Corona Virus. And an excellent way to calm down. Good Luck on your Eco Scavenger Hunt! I am truly looking forward to your images! The Deadline for the first book prize is Friday, April 10, 2020.