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The lastest Adventures of The Sizzling Six:
Monarch Mysteries

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YA Eco Mysteries, Memoirs, Novels & Travel

Eco Mysteries

Environmental Education Nature Trail

The Little Nature Trail that Keeps on Giving
Putnam Middle School

By Claire Datnow

On this chilly winter morning I get the odd sensation that I’ve entered a time warp. No, I am not in
The Rocky Horror Show. I’m on the grounds of W. E. Putnam Middle School with a trash bag and clippers in hand. You see, way back in the 1990s my dedicated middle school students and I began building a nature trail and outdoor classroom. We never imagined that two decades later it would be blossoming anew.

Nature trail Environmental Education Audubon
Claire Datnow with Teachers and Students Looking at a Scrap Book About the Nature Trail Read More...

Environmental Education Conference

Environmental Education Association of Alabama
Conference Dauphin Island, Alabama
Rivers to the Gulf, Flowing Home
February 22-24, 2018
EEAA Celebrates 30 Years!

Just as the cold and rainy spell transformed into sunny and pleasant spring weather, Boris and I left for the much anticipated 2018 EEAA Conference at Dauphin Island, Alabama. I’ve written this blog to share a taste of the varied, worthwhile, and fun experience.

Environmental Fiction Middle Grades YA

Environmental Fiction Educates Inspires
This compendium of resources for environmental educators will help to inspire kids—of all ages—to become knowledgeable and wise stewards of our precious natural resources.
Eco-Fiction straddles a wide-range of genres including mysteries, thrillers, adventures and literary. In broad terms, it is fiction that highlights the vital relationship between humans and the natural environment on which they depend. I've focused on 3 questions, and included a selective list of environmental/ecofiction.
Adventures of the Sizzling Six environmental fiction