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Celebrating 25 Years of Publishing
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Celebrating 25 years of Publishing

Readers, Writers, Students, Teachers, Nature Lovers: You are invited to come aboard and follow my blog, “Eco Adventure: A Writer’s Journey.” This blog will provide a behind the scenes glimpse into my creative process as I write, A Whale’s Lament, the second novel in my trilogy of novels titled, Climate Change: Fire, Water, and Air. The trilogy is inspired by the ancient Greeks who believed these four elements made up the Universe. The first published book of the trilogy Red Flag Warning: An Eco Adventure focuses on the element fire. The second book, which I am currently writing, will focus on water. The third book will concentrate on the theme of air.
My blog includes book recommendations, research articles, resources and lessons plans for teachers. To SUBSCRIBE for free email me at: I will then add you to my mailing list so you can read each episode as my story progresses.
suggestions and questions are always welcome since this is a work in progress.
Red Flag Warning: An Eco Adventure (book 1 of the trilogy) can be purchased on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle

NOW available for preorder on Amazon

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