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The Adventures of the Sizzling Six:
The Vanishing Birds

Vanishing Birds Cover

Ninth in a series of environmental eco mysteries

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Why birds vanish with the changing seasons remains a mystery until 1822 when a German teenager shoots down a white stork with a three foot Mozambican spear impaling its neck. It is the first important clue in solving the puzzle of seasonal bird migration . . . In the newest eco mystery featuring the Sizzling Six, migratory birds connect teenagers living on different continents in a way they never could have imagined. White storks migrating from Europe to Africa, chimney swifts from North America to Peru, raptors from Pennsylvania to the coastal plains of Mexico, and songbirds crisscrossing the continents help forge new friendships between teens living in far-flung countries. Teens across time periods and cultures uncover more clues to unravel the mysteries of bird migration, from simple banding to more sophisticated technologies such as radio and satellite tracking. But birds that once filled the skies are now fighting for their lives. Can the teens band together to solve the problems besetting the miraculous migrants? The Vanishing Birds contains migratory maps and other resources for readers to explore bird migration.

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