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The Adventures of the Sizzling Six:
Operation Terrapin Rescue

Operation Terrapin Rescue cover

Tenth in a series of environmental eco mysteries

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When one of the worst oil spills in history threatens the critically endangered diamondback terrapins, the Sizzling Six rush into action to help protect them. But as the oil continues to spread throughout the Gulf of Mexico, time is running out for the terrapins and other marine life. The Sizzling Six quickly learn that cleaning up after the spill is not as easy as they first thought. Will they be able to help save the terrapins before it’s too late? In the newest eco adventure featuring the Sizzling Six, Operation Terrapin Rescue encourages readers to protect the animals and environment around them. As the Sizzling Six learn, helping the local environment is incredibly rewarding—even small actions have lasting and significant impacts.

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