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The Adventures of the Sizzling Six:
Operation Terrapin Rescue

Soon available from

Star Bright Books

Expected publishing date July 2020

Seventh in a series of environmental novels

Operation Terrapin Rescue takes place in the Mobile-Tensaw Delta, the second largest river delta in the United States. When an oil rig blows up, releasing a monster oil spill into the Gulf of Mexico and killing wildlife, six determined teenagers plunge into a dangerous adventure. Undaunted by a fierce hurricane, hungry gulls and raccoons that devour the terrapins’ eggs, they must find the hidden nests before the oil from the spill destroys them. Can they save the endangered terrapins? One thing is certain—it’s a complicated eco mystery and The Sizzling Six, with the help of a team of brilliant scientists, must take action before it is too late.

Operation Terrapin Eco Mystery

Great story!!!  It kept me riveted. Ken Marion, Professor Emeritus, University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Claire Datnow’s Eco mystery, the Diamondback Rescue, takes readers on a fascinating and timely adventure along the Gulf Coast. Her band of hearty characters, The Sizzling Six, are out to help save baby terrapins after the double blow of a massive oil spill followed by a strong hurricane. Reluctantly, the team of scientists at the Seagrove Marine Wild Life Center incorporate two of the girls into the rescue effort. The book is filled with appreciative descriptions of the gulf area and its fragile inhabitants. It offers accurate portrayals of the ecological issues and those who are trying to keep nature in balance, along with the eagerness and idealism of young people. Ruth Beaumont Cook, author of Guests Behind the Barbed Wire.