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Red Flag Warning
An Eco Adventure

A Novel

Red Flag Warning cover

Red Flag Warning is a middle grade ecological adventure based on the fires now exploding around the globe. The story is told through the eyes of three diverse teenagers brought together by devastating wildfires, and by a powerful gift—the ability to communicate with animals. Their animals save them from certain death during a race to outrun the flames roaring toward them. Aisyah a compassionate free spirit from Sumatra, bonds with Pongo an endangered orangutan. Kirri a competitive marathon runner from Australia, bonds with Rocky an endangered Rock wallaby. And then there’s Hector, a headstrong and gifted falconer from California, who bonds with Swain, a magnificent Swainson’s hawk. After their painful recovery from burns, the teens take on a new challenge, caring for animals injured in the fires. But the true test of their courage lies ahead. When they uncover an illegal wildlife trafficking scheme, they hatch a plot to catch the mysterious zoo keeper Dr. Gladys redhanded, thereby exposing themselves to danger; or should they allow the doctor to get away with a crime to prevent her from shutting down the orangutan wildlife center? Three lives, three paths, three stories. Can the eco heroes save the animals and the rainforest? Red Flag Warning explores environmental issues through the eyes and actions of brave teenagers with heartbreak and hope, hints of romance and magical realism.

Slated for publication March 2021