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Enter the Eco Mystery Writing Contest!

Write an exciting mystery around a rare, threatened, or endangered species.

Team of judges. We have awesome team of judges that includes teachers, authors, nature teachers and experts.

Prize: A $30.00 gift card to Barnes and Nobles for individual entries. For group projects, a class prize, like an ice-cream party.
The winning story will be published on line at:

Contest Guidelines:
Your story must be around 500-1,500 words. The story may be illustrated with photographs, drawings, or video clips. It must be an original mystery about a rare, threatened, or endangered species, which has not been published elsewhere.

Deadline: December 10, 2015.

How to submit your entry:
All entries must be submitted electronically to:

Entries must include a cover letter with: the author’s name and age, title of the story, name of the school, name of the teacher(s) and their email(s).
A student may submit only ONE story, or ONE story per group.

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