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A Behind the Scenes Glimpse into One Authors’ Adventures

Hoover Public Library, Fitzgerald Room, Tuesday, January 07, 2020, 5:00PM - 7:00PM. Free of charge. Please RSVP:

Monster Hurricanes, Gigantic Oil Spills, The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, 23andMe . . . A behind the scenes glimpse into how Claire Datnow creates engaging science-based environmental Eco Mysteries. Her firsthand experiences will provide a road map on how to connect people with the environmental issues that matter to them. As you follow her journey you will get to explore diverse natural habits and meet dedicated conservationist who are saving Alabama’s endangered species. You don’t need to buy a ticket, pack a suitcase, or board a bus all you need to bring along is your
imagination and your curiosity! Singed copies of her most recent eco mystery, The Adventures of The Sizzling Six: Monarch Mysteries will be available for purchase. Please RSVP:

Claire in Garden

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